The Bands

Booking a band for an event is easy and affordable.

If you’re interested in hiring a band through Max, please head over to the Contact page.

The Happy Hour CollectiveHHC Logo

Established in the summer of 2014, the Happy Hour Collective is a coalition of talented bands and musicians playing the music you love in ways you’ve never heard it before.

Drawing on arrangements from the likes of Postmodern Jukebox and The Baseballs, as well as plenty of our own versions, the Raw Brass Band 2Happy Hour Collective can provide you with music that’s at once comfortingly familiar and excitingly new.

But the fun and variety doesn’t stop there. We’re committed to providing you with a tailor-made musical experience, and so we’ve got a diverse range of bands on offer for you. Whether you want the full band sound of The Martinis, the brash vitality of the Bloody Mary Brass Band or the charming harmonies of the dulcet Brandy Alexanders, the HHC has got you covered.

Trumpet shot (Seb)The Equinox Quintet

Jazzing about since 2013, the Equinox Quintet is your one-stop shop for smooth jazz, dirty funk and general musical excellence. Featuring the sultry sax stylings of Michael Powell, the sensual trumpet-playing of Max Fagandini and the unparalleled rhythm section of Michael Cearns, Mike Roberts and Hugo Fagandini, Equinox will make sure your event is one to remember.

Two Rules logo B&W invert squareThe Two Rules Big Band

Formed in 2013, the Two Rules Big Band is out there to play jazz and chew gum – and they’re all outta gum.

Two Rules 1With a red-hot 17-piece line-up, the band plays a wide range of jazz, latin, funk and soul big band tunes, often accompanied by an array of talented vocalists. They’re a bunch of some of the best young musical talent in London, and are certainly not an act to be missed.

Updated 10/10/2014


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