Attempts at Being Clever

So I had a crack at putting in a simple comment-to-email text box on the Contact page, so people can put in a message request for any of my services (or perhaps just to see how I’m doing) and have it go straight to my email inbox so I can get back to them. Alas, I’m still a website-design greenhorn and all I managed to do was create a big text box with ‘</br>’ inside. Any suggestions would be welcome, but I think I may wait until I get back to England and see if I can download some sort of plugin to my laptop to make things easier.

It occurs to me that I should find a way of advertising my other online ports of call on here too – but for now, I’ll just say that if you fancy following me on Twitter, you can probably either search for my name or my username (DonMassimo).

Until next time!


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