We’re spending some time in Amsterdam at the moment before returning to Tilburg on Thursday and then back to London on Friday (hopefully into the waiting arms of an estate agent with a lovely flat for us to move into at a ludicrously cheap rate). I’ve been here twice before now, so have already done the usual touristy things (investigating coffee shops, giggling like a small child in the Red Light District, etc) – this afternoon I actually got some real culture in. We wandered around the city admiring the various canals, churches and coffee shops museums – many of which, to my surprise and mild dismay, politely yet firmly requested payment for entry. Having grown up in London, with visits to the British Museum (free), Science Museum (free) and Natural History Museum (free) semi-regular events (dinosaurs are cool), this came as something of a shock. Still, we took full advantage of the bits for which we didn’t need to pay and spent some time searching for a sex shop named ‘Amster-DAYUM’.

Jonna has also now introduced me to the British comedy Coupling, which is very entertaining. Richard Coyle’s loveable Welshman Jeff is hilarious, with his baffling theories and odd stories from home, and the rest of the cast never fails to please. I highly recommend it.

I’m taking some time at the moment to write out some actual drum parts for the current Martinis songlist (as I mentioned before, the drum pad currently consists of sets of written instructions which, while helpful, aren’t really ideal) with some help from my esteemed brother. This should be entertaining. Jimmy, in advance: I’m sorry.

Anyway, I see burritos. Until next time.